ST1080 Head Mounted Display Starts Shipping to Pre-order Customers Today

A quick note here — it’s been a long time coming, but Silicon Micro Display begins shipping the ST1080 1080p HMD to pre-order customers today! Paul Jin, SMD CEO, says that pre-order customers can expect a confirmation email and tracking number when their device gets send out for delivery.

In-production frames of the ‘Jet Black’ ST1080

Silicon Micro Display just about hit their ‘second week in May‘ shipping target. Shipping begins today to all localities. Jin says that there is a fairly large pre-order demand to work through but that they will be working hard to get it done:

We will work through this weekend (many in the future, I’m sure) and through multiple production-shifts to fulfill orders. We have a very big backlog of orders, so we will endeavor to work through them to the best of our ability.

Congratulations to Silicon Micro Display on the launch. Stay tuned, reviews should be hitting the web soon!


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