ST1080 Head Mounted Display to be Shown Off at CES 2012 by Silicon Micro Display

Today, Silicon Micro Display has announced that they’ll be attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show which will be held from January 10th to the 13th.

CES is a huge consumer electronics exhibition (likely the largest in the US) and is a platform where tech companies go to announce, launch, and demo products that they plan on making and marketing through the coming year.

Silicon Micro Display will have a both set up at CES 2012, and their ST1080 head mounted display will be available for hands-on demos. I suspect this will be the first opportunity that anyone will have to try a production-ready version of the ST1080. The details haven’t been nailed own yet, but it is said that more info will be announced in the coming weeks.

As a refresher, the ST1080 HMD has dual-1080p LCoS displays which are 10% transparent. The headset is impressively light weight, weighing in at only 180 grams, while the control unit is also light at just 160 grams. Thanks to a built-in battery, and an option to be powered by USB, the ST1080 can be used more flexibly than other units which have heavier base stations and require AC power.

I won’t have a chance to make it to CES this year, but I’ll be compiling the reactions of those who have a chance to try the ST1080. If you’re interested in the ST1080, be sure to stop by in January!



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