Quantum 3D Helps Train Solders with VR [videos]

Quantum 3D says that “infantry training simulation is here today”, and they’ve got a video showing how they use virtual reality to help soldiers train for the battlefield. Tell me parts of this don’t play like a video game trailer:

I find it curious that this sort of virtual reality exists and is almost perfectly suitable for a virtual reality game, but it seems like gaming companies have yet to embrace the world of VR, aside from beginning to adapt to VR stepping stones like ARG and motion-gaming.

KSDK.com has shows us another video of soldier training simulation (also from Quantum 3D) which incorporates a head mounted display. As you can see in the video, the real-world weapon that the demonstrator is using appears to be sensor-laden as well, as its in-game incarnation appears to react appropriately to it being raised and lowered:


My first thought when seeing the above video was “when can I play?” Imagine combining such input with a game like Battlefield 3 — you’re sure to have a very immersive gaming experience.

Lead image courtesy EA / Dice


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